Small Baby Dolls 13 - 29 cm (5 - 10½") tall,  8 - 18 cm (3 - 7") waist

 Dress with long sleeves £3.60
 Dress with short sleeves
   Pants to match Dress
   Bonnet or Mob Cap to match Dress
   Sunhat to match Dress
 Party Dress or Bridesmaid's Dress
   Pants to match Party Dress
   Bonnet or Mob Cap to match Party Dress
   Sunhat to match Party Dress
 Dungarees, polycotton material
 Trousers, polycotton material
 Pinafore skirt, polycotton material
 Gathered skirt, polycotton material
 T-shirt £1.50
 Anorak £3.30
 Nightie £2.20
 Pyjamas, for girls or boys
 Sleeping bag
 Nappy £1.50
 Bib £1.80
 Your School Uniform - see below
 "Grown-up" clothes - see below

For School Uniform and "Grown-up" clothes for dolls in this size range, please choose from the Girl Dolls 30 - 45cm list.

These prices cover dolls of various sizes. Please fill in the measurement list to make sure the clothes will fit your doll.

If there is something you would like which is not on the list, please ask.

Please note that the clothes will not necessarily be supplied in the materials or colours shown in the picture, but if you ask for a particular colour, your choice will be sent if possible.

When more than one of the same item is ordered, different colours or patterns will usually be sent, unless you ask for them to be the same.

I reserve the right to alter or discontinue any of these designs without prior notice.

These prices will apply until 31.12.2017. A new list takes effect from 1.1.2018. 

For details of  postage costs, please see the How To Order page.